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阿尔及利亚驻温得和克, 纳米比亚

地址: 24 罗伯特·穆加贝大道, P.O.Box 3079, 温得和克, 纳米比亚
市: 温得和克
电话: +264 61 22 15 07
传真: +264 61 23 63 76

Embassy of Algeria in Namibia 运行的本地领事服务所包括的范围, 阿尔及利亚人, and international citizens in Namibia.

The Embassy of Algeria in Namibia supports Namibian citizens through its consular services, 如果他们:

  • 需要有关阿尔及利亚信息: 阿尔及利亚经济和商业, 旅游, 文化, 体育, 教育和更多
  • 不知道法定程序取得阿尔及利亚国籍
  • 需要在阿尔及利亚特定联系人和信息
  • 需要有关签证申请的信息或想获得签证进入阿尔及利亚


Algerian passport and visas from are issued only to citizens whose main residence is in Algeria and Namibia.


*Please contact with Embassy of Algeria in Namibia if you have any question as regards of visa and passport matters.

Algerian representations in Namibia

Embassy of Algeria in Namibia is the only Algerian diplomatic mission in Namibia.

Vietnam Visa on arrival

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