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Dominican Lãnh sự quán tại Nassau, Bahamas

Cộng hòa Dominica Lãnh sự quán tại Bahamas

Địa chỉ nhà: N ° 15 Harmony Hill P.O.BOX N-766

thành phố: Nassau

Điện thoại: (242) 326.2618 / +1.242.326.2618

Số fax: (242) 356.6235 / +1.242.356.6235

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One Response to “Dominican Lãnh sự quán tại Nassau, Bahamas”

  1. Gabiele
    tháng bảy 15, 2017 at 12:20 là #

    15 Harmony Hill IS NOT a consulate for the DR in Nassau Bahamas. I have lived at this address for many years. Do not come to this address. I believe that Mr. Mcweeny might still be the honorary consulate. Try the numbers listed above to determine the correct location. As I said the listed address is not current. When people show up we can only tell them we are not the consulate. Also the P.O Box listed above might be valid. It is not mine.

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