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Посольство боснийский в Тиране, Албания

Посольство Боснии- Герцеговины в Албании


Адрес: Emistokli Germenji, 5

город: Тирана

Телефон: (+355-4) 230454

факс: (+355-4) 234848

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One Response to “Посольство боснийский в Тиране, Албания”

  1. Teuta Musa
    August 24, 2017 at 7:51 я #

    Dear Officer,

    My request is to have visa for 4 participants from Kosova to participate in Conference in Sarajeva. Conference will be from 22- 24 сентябрь.

    ,The Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation has the pleasure to invite four representatives of LDK Women Organization to a Regional Women’s Round-Table Conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia, сентябрь 22-24, 2017.
    Invited participants are leading women representatives from our sister parties in Albania, Bosnia, Хорватия, Косово, Macedonia and Sweden.
    The conference will start with a dinner on Friday, сентябрь 22, and end with a lunch on Sunday, сентябрь 24. The conference working language is English, Albanian and Bosnian/Croatian/ Macedonian/Serbian. We will in short get back to you with a draft program.

    Participants from Kosova :

    Mimoza Xhaka
    Florie Ibishi
    Fatbardha Emini
    Kimete Bytyqi

    If they can have termin to apply for visa.

    Best regards,
    Teuta Musa,
    Office of LDK +37744249214

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