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Consolato uruguaiano a Nassau, Bahamas

Consolato di Uruguay in Nassau, Bahamas Address: 21 Montrose Ave City: Nassau Phone: +1-242 328-5165 Fax: +1-242 325-9127

Ambasciata americana a Nassau, Bahamas

NOI. Ambasciata a Nassau, Bahamas Address: Gli Stati Uniti. Ambasciata, P.O. Box N-8197, Nassau, Bahamas City: Nassau Phone: (242) 322-1181 Sito web: http://nassau.usembassy.gov/ Email: [email protected], [email protected] Office Hours: Lunedi –...

Consolato Svizzero a Nassau, Bahamas

Consulate of Switzerland in Bahamas Address: Bay Corporate Center di Goodman, Città: Nassau Phone: (+1-242) 5022200 Fax: (+1-242) 5022300

Consolato svedese a Nassau, Bahamas

Consolato Onorario di Svezia a Nassau, Bahamas Address: Cable Beach Manor Hotel, West Bay St., Nassau P.O. scatola CB 11000, Nassau, Bahamas City: Nassau Phone: +1 (242) 327 79 44 Fax: +1 (242) 327 77 82 E-mail: [email protected]

Sierra Leone Consolato a Nassau, new Providence, Bahamas

Consolato di Sierra Leone a Nassau, new Providence, Bahamas Address: P.O Fredrick Via. Box AP 59205, Nassau, new Providence, Bahamas City: Nassau, New Providence Phone: +1 242 424 8516 Fax: +1 202 478 0749 Sito web: http://www.sierraleoneconsulate-bahamas.com/

Consolato polacco a Nassau, Bahamas

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Nassau Address: #9 Devonshire unità, Coral Harbour, 30 Ludlow stered, PO BOX 4225, Nassau, Bahamas City: Nassau Phone: (00-12-42) 328-72-38 Fax: (00-12-42) 326-24-91 Sito web: http://- E-mail: [email protected].

Consolato del Perù a Nassau, Bahamas

Consulate for the Republic of Peru in Bahamas Address: Sandrighan Casa, 83 Shirley Street City: Nassau Phone: (+1-242) 32285719 Fax: (+1-242) 3287727

Consolato norvegese a Nassau, Bahamas

Royal Norwegian Consulate in Nassau P.O. Box CB-13048 City: Nassau Phone: +1-242-322-4270; cellulare No. +1-242-454-2891 Fax: +1-242-322-4280 o +1-713-735-1172 Sito web: http://www.norway-caribbean.org/Embassy/consulates/ Office Hours: 09.00 –...

Consolato olandese a Nassau, Bahamas

Consolato dei Paesi Bassi a Nassau, Bahamas Address: Gladstone Rd. Nord, all'interno del Bahamas rifiuti Ltd. Ufficio, P.O. Box N 44 Città: Nassau Phone: 00-1-242-3616398 Fax: 00-1-242-3616842 E-mail: [email protected]

Consolato di Malta a Nassau, Bahamas

Consolato Onorario di Malta a Nassau, Bahamas Address: 18, Hibiscus Beach, Cable Beach, Nassau, Bahamas City: Nassau Phone: 00 242 327 7815 Fax: 00 242 327 7391 E-mail: [email protected]

Consolato giamaicano a Nassau, Bahamas

Jamaican Consulate in Bahamas P.O. Box N-3451 City: Nassau Phone: 242-394-8538 Fax: 242-394-8538 E-mail: [email protected] Details: console onorario: Mr PATRICK HANLAN

Consolato italiano a Nassau, Bahamas

Honorary Consulate of Italy in The Bahamas Address: c/o Quality Service Ltd West Queen’s Highway Freeport Grand City: Nassau Phone: +1.242.651.2662 Fax: +1.242.351.2682 E-mail: [email protected]

Consolato indonesiana a Nassau, Bahamas

Consolato Onorario di Indonesia a Nassau, Bahamas Address: #4 Cater Via, Oakes campo, Nassau, Bahamas City: Nassau Phone: (242) 322-3759 Fax: (242) 322-3759 E-mail: [email protected]

Consolato islandese a Nassau, Bahamas

Icelandic Consulate in Bahamas Address: G.K. Symonette costruzione, Shirley Street P.O. Box CB-10957, new Providence, Nassau City: Nassau Phone: 1 242 323 1234 Fax: 1 242 326 3779/89 E-mail: [email protected] Details: —

Haiti Ambasciata a Nassau, Bahamas

Embassy of Haiti in Bahamas P.O. Box N 666, Sears costruzione, East Shirley Street City: Nassau Phone: 242-326-0325 Fax: 242-322-7712

Consolato greco a Nassau, Bahamas

Honorary Consulate of Greece in Nassau Address: Olympia costruzione, West Bay Street, P.O. Box N7682, Nassau City: Nassau Phone: (001242) 3233495 Fax: (001242) 3233523

Consolato tedesco a Nassau, Bahamas

Honorary Consulate General of Germany in Nassau Address: c / o Banque SCS Alliance Nassau) Ltd., Alliance Casa, East Bay Street, Nassau. P.O. Box N 1724, Nassau, Bahamas. Città: Nassau Phone: (001 242) 394 61 61 Fax: (001 242) 394 62 62

Consolato Dominicana a Nassau, Bahamas

Dominican Republic Consulate in Bahamas Address: N°15 Harmony Hill P.O.BOX N-766 City: Nassau Phone: (242) 326.2618 / +1.242.326.2618 Fax: (242) 356.6235 / +1.242.356.6235

Consolato Danese a Nassau, Bahamas

Royal Danish Consulate a Nassau, Bahamas Address: c / o United Shipping Co. Ltd., Beaumont House Arcade, Bay Street City: Nassau Phone: (242) 3221340 Fax: (242) 3238779

Ambasciata di Cuba a Nassau, Bahamas

Ambasciata di Cuba in Nassau, The Bahamas Address: Collins Avenue 61 Miller House, Nassau, Commonwealth of the Bahamas City: Nassau Phone: (242) 356-34-73 Fax: (242) 356-34-72 Sito web: http://www.cubadiplomatica.cu/bahamas Email: [email protected] Details:...