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Jordanische Botschaft in Manama, Bahrein

Botschaft von Jordanien in Manama, Bahrein

Adresse: Gebäude 43, Straße 1901, Manama 319, 00973

Stadt: Manama

Telefon: 973-291-109

Fax: 973-291-980

Email: [email protected]

Geschäftszeiten: Montag – Mittwoch: 8:00-3:00 Samstag – Sonntag: 8:00-3:00

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One Response to “Jordanische Botschaft in Manama, Bahrein”

  1. Betty julienne
    September 2, 2017 at 2:43 bin #

    Asalam walaykum
    I want to report a Jordanian who live in Bahrain and make fraud to get money he took a big amount with me and so to other people. Please me to recover my my and sent this guy in jail.

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